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Building Science

Building science is a specialty area of building design and engineering that focuses on detailed analysis of building

materials and the building envelope. It deals with issues such as exterior cladding (siding, brick veneer, stucco), the

effects of weather and environment and interaction of building materials and components and human comfort.

Our practice evaluates the building as a system, or collections of systems, that interact with each other. This

evaluation is based on the application of engineering principals and fundamental physics. The firm has extensive

experience in evaluating “mysterious cracks” in exterior and interior finishes, the cause and origin of mold growth,

interior humidity problems, analysis of cracks and distress of interior finishes.

Forensic Engineering and Failure Investigation and Analysis

Over 20 years of experience investigating failures of structures, foundations, and building systems.  Investigations include determining extent of storm-related damage as well as evaluation of damage caused by flood, fire, minor seismic activity, over-loading, impact and blasting.  Experience in "building science" including air and water infiltration and interior moisture problems.  Determination of cause and origin of mold and mildew growth.   Investigations are done by senior qualified and experienced members of the firm and follow a consistent format.  Each investigation is followed up with a comprehensive report.  Typically the reports will include a general arrangement plan, along with photographs and appropriate sketches and diagrams.

Exterior and Interior Renovations for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Field measurement and design of interior fit-ups for industrial facilities as well as commercial tenant spaces. Services include review of applicable building code standards as it applies to the project.  Sizes of these projects have ranged from several thousand square feet up to 250,000 square feet.  Clients include individual commercial and retail concerns as well as major industrial and research firms.  The scope of work has also included phasing of construction wherein occupants of various spaces were relocated temporarily while their space was renovated.

Structural Engineering for Sub-contractors

Design and detail structural steel framing for support of building services such as piping, HVAC ductwork, fans and pumps and cable trays.

Structural Engineering for Architecture

Design of structural steel, reinforced concrete, heavy timber and masonry structures.  Facilities range from single-family residences up to multistory buildings.

Light-Gauge Metal Roof and Wall Framing

Development of submittals and contract documents for load-bearing and curtain wall light-gauge framing.  Designs include lateral bracing and anchorage as well as design for hurricane and federal requirements for anti-terrorism blast loads.

Heavy Timber and Wood Structures

Structural design of heavy timber and glue-laminated beams and columns as well as log buildings.  Project size ranges from single-family residences up to two-story commercial office buildings.

Design of Facilities in Flood-Prone Areas

Investigation, analysis, and design of residential and commercial structures in designated flood areas or areas of inundation.  Work has included design and project management for elevation of residential and commercial structures above newly established flood datum.  Owners qualified for participation in the program under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state emergency management agencies.  Elevation certificates and flood insurance rate maps were included in the design of new foundations.  Elevation of structures ranged from 3' to approximately 12' above the original finished floor elevation.

Engineering Analysis and Consultation

Application of engineering principals and statistical methods to various construction problems. Consultation for construction litigation.

Metal Roofing

The scope of these jobs range from design of the roof attachment clips and development of the spacing between each clip as well as the detailed design of the sheet metal products themselves.  Design for uplift loads is based on ASCE 7, Factory Mutual or UL standards.

Seismic Restraint of Piping and Mechanical Systems

Analysis and design of seismic restraints for plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.  Our experience enables us to fill the gap between the structural engineer of record and the mechanical engineer of record on a project.  Our seismic design is based on ASHRAE requirements as well as requirements stated in current building codes.  Forces developed are based on ASCE 7.

Home Owner/Homebuyer Services

We have conducted over 1,500 investigations of residential structures for a wide variety of issues including:

settlement, storm damage, flood damage, exterior and interior finish distress and vehicle impact. Our services

consist of engineering analysis of residential construction including: evaluation of cracks in brick veneer, concrete

floor slabs and interior finishes such as flooring and drywall; evaluation of site drainage; determination of cause and

origin of mold growth and evaluation of items in home inspection reports. The nature of this work is such that we can

typically conduct our observations, analyze the conditions and compile a report on site.